my inaugural post

Hello friends (both current & soon-to-be)!!!

This is my inaugural post on my brand new dance and choreography blog, fortir.miror.artis! Being my first blog, I’m quite new to the experience, so bear with me as I learn something new and get my bearings before running full speed ahead!

A quick intro, I’m Bryan O’Shea — dancer, choreographer, music lover, and so much more — and I created this blog as a chance to share my passion of dance and choreography to the world. From sharing my personal reflections and inspirations about being a dancer and choreographer to spotlighting others who create and contribute to the arts, I hope to use my little corner of the net to help me continue to grow as a person and artist and have some fun at the same time!

Keep an eye on this space as there will be MUCH more to come — I have some big things planned….

with much love, bryan o’shea


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