spotlight: 2012 super bowl halftime rundown

So the Super Bowl was last night. Who was I rooting for? Team Giants? Team Patriots? Nope — I could have cared less about who was playing. I was rooting for Team Madonna! I tuned in only for the Halftime show. I was excited. And I do mean EXCITED! I shirked responsibilities in order to tune in. That doesn’t usually happen, but my my was it worth it! Check out my rundown after the jump.

00:40 – Nice move opening up with “Vogue”. This song is one of my faves and I know she’s gonna do it right! And loooooove this Cleopatra-esque entrance. Nobody else could pull off this kind of spectacle.

02:00 –  02:32 – My god, this chorus choreography is AMAZING!!! Tabitha D’Umo put her foot in this choreo. The three vignettes are my absolute favorite parts. When I saw the third one (2:25; the dancer does a backbend and the others lays out over while Madonna “breaks” her leg) I literally screamed from sheer excitement! There’s nothing better than when choreography compliments the music so well it entrances you and pulls you into the performance.

02:39 – Dem bitches betta WAAAAALLLKKKK!!! Also, at 2:47 that dancer in gold (second from the right)…baby boy is SEXY! Javier Ninja, isdatchu?!? On another note, this staging is wonderful!

03:12 – Awww, “Music”. This was the Opener for my dance teams spring show my sophomore year. Those tracksuits they have on are on point! I want one please! Hot bleacher choreo, and Madonna is goin in on these flips and cartwheels.

04:10 – This tightrope jumpers hair is killing me! He looks straight out of 1970, but he looks like he’s having a great time! On another note, that’s a really different skill, I’ve never seen it before.

05:22 – AHHHHH!!!! MADONNA IS SHUFFLIN’!!!!! AND IN HEELS! I CAN’T!!! She is too much for this – and it’s good! I knew when LMFAO appeared something good was about to pop off — love them!

07:15 – 07:54 – These J-settes are cute, as is this new Madonna single. Love me some Nicki and MIA, but they were so underused in this song! It’s a hell of an opportunity to be featured on a Madonna song, so I can’t blame either one for jumping on it (even if it was just for 16 bars!) This even encompassed MIA’s infamous middle finger, which in my opinion was tasteless given the atmosphere of the show, but there had to be some kind of controversy. I will say this, I’d be pissed if I were Madonna; this little upstart coming up to eff up my show that I made just trying to be entertaining. MIA was doing the most.

08:19 – More J-Setting. The more I watch them, the more I wonder “Why didn’t they get some real J-settes to come in and do this right?”

09:00 – Ooooh marching bands! When did this become a HBCU college bowl game between Spellman and Morehouse?! Who’s the drum major — why Cee-lo Green of course! Who else?! A nice medley of “Open Your Heart” and “Express Yourself.”

10:00 – “Like A Prayer”, mmmm….nice way to smooth out the ending. We all knew the Southern choir was gonna come in and start swaying side to side. My friend and I were both waiting on the burning cross to come out of somewhere…..

11:30 – All my friends and I agree that Cee-lo was not enough for the ad-lib during the chorus repeat. It was alright, but they should have brought in someone big to bring the house down. Someone like Patti LaBelle. Yes. I said it. Patti LaBelle. She would have been up in that piece kicking off shoes and catching the Holy Ghost. She would have turned that Stadium into the Shekinah Conference. *hums “Lord, Send A Revival”*

12:25 – No lie, that drop and the mega screens saying “World Peace” gave me chills. This was a powerful show that came full circle. It was retrospective, progressive, intensive, and entertaining all at once. The dancers were awesome, the performers were great, choreo on point, doesn’t get much better than this!

There was little slip up by Madonna (3:30 is you missed it), and bloggers are calling for Madonna to retire. ______ please. As a performer, you slip up when performing; it’s inevitable. The combination of nerves and adrenaline (and high heels!!!) was probably the culprit.  If I had to retire the first time I made a slip up, I would have called it quits LONG ago!

Four words. Your. faves. could. NEVER.


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