currently obsessed with: the evolution of my musical tastes

Hello friends!

So, looking back on a few past posts, I’m getting a bit too deep and philosophical, even for myself to bear, so here’s something lighthearted to break all of it up! It’s long, grab a drink and have a seat!

Three words. I. love. music. I love meandering across bridges, traversing choruses, pausing to rest at a verse, and really letting loose when the beat drops (seriously, I will knock a hoe out with the elbows I throw when the beat comes in!) But the funny thing is, I was never hardcore into music growing up. Let’s talk.

Now don’t think I didn’t like music, the love has always, been there, albeit hidden. Though my mother worked at a radio station for years, we just weren’t the type of family to throw on some jams and dance around the living room. My parents usually turned the radio on during the weekends to listen to Oldies Station KFRO 95.3FM/1370AM. Saturday was the local radio bulletin board, and Sunday was the First Baptist Church of Longview broadcast before we went to church. What we were big on were trips to my grandmother’s house. I will always remember coming home Sunday night listening to Delilah (yes, Delilah, the sappy love songs queen) on the way home and loving to hear Selena or Richard Marx singing the praises or downfalls or love, Donna Lewis too. “Sunny 106.5…KOOI” introduced me to some of my favorite songs – to this very day Berlin’s “Take My Breath Away” is my number one – and gave me an interest in music far beyond what a normal 10-year-old would listen to. To this day, I have a special place in my heart for adult contemporary hits – from Lisa Stansfield’s “Been Around the World” to this little ditty right here. 🙂

As I grew from childhood into my teenage years, we finally got cable tv and I was introduced to pop music! I’m a big fan of music that makes me feel good, and that’s exactly what pop did. I quickly grew to love the slick production of the songs, the artists who sang them, and the awesome music videos, which increasingly incorporated dance breaks, which I knew them all!  I came of age with the Backstreet Boys, Christina Aguilera, *NSYNC, and Jessica Simpson playing on TRL (Willa Ford? Vitamin C anyone?). They were all great, but no one could hold a candle to Miss Britney Spears! (don’t hate) She was (and still is) IT! With the advent of our very first computer when I was in 8th grade, the wonderful world of online streaming music opened my eyes to a huge new world of hearing whatever I wanted, when I wanted….the wonders of technology!

I discovered my passion for dance in between middle and high school, the same summer we got our huge Gateway desktop pc (Destiny Child’s “Jumpin’ Jumpin” was the first song I ever downloaded) and with it came more and more opportunities to nab new music, also known as the internet. The www. helped me open the door to J-Pop, my love for which would fade and re-emerge stronger in later years, as well as helped me add more songs to my favorites list (“November Rain” and “Delicious Surprise” the most notable ones). I bought my first piece of music in 6th grade, it was a CASSETTE of Madonna’s single “Frozen” with “Shanti/Ashtangi” as the B-side; Good stuff yo. It was during these years that I discovered what I could only classified as “techno”. It was mostly mainstream stuff, like “Sandstorm” by Darude and “Ayla Pt. 2“, but it paved the way for the hard beats and complicated production that I now love. Throughout this RnB-Asian-Techno-Rock transformation I was having, my pop heart grew ever stronger, just like my love for Britney. *bats eyelashes*

Into high school was where I really grew to know and love music. By the time I graduated I bought Jennifer Lopez’s On the 6 and had amassed a good amount of music on that now-decrepit Gateway system. Windows Media Player had me jamming to Ciara, Rihanna, and A*Teens and acquainted me with En Vogue, Kylie Minogue, and Lil’ Kim. Those opening pumps from “No Matter What They Say” get me so hype! I grew a big affinity for classical music in high school too, counting Pachebel’s “Canon in D” and Bach’s “Toccata and Fugue in D Minor” as songs that make me feel something I can’t classify.

Into college and beyond, music has played a definitive role in my life. Along with dance, it’s become a way I connect with my emotions. If I feel happy and light, I pick up my iPod (which I just bought last year…late I know) and flick down to Kylie Minogue or old school Madonna. Feeling a bit introverted, I’ll do Angels and Airwaves or Brian Eno. Time to focus? I put on Ryan Farish. My pop collection has continued to grow, this time featuring a hefty amount of J-Pop & K-Pop (check our the Wonder Girls or Utada Hikaru, especially). I’ve found myself branching out into more folksy/alternative/rock, stuff like Fleet Foxes and Oren Lavie, and absolutely fell in love with Sarah Brightman’s vocals after her Harem album. I tend to be quite the insomniac, so the strangest stuff you’ll find on my iPod are relaxation and whisper dialogues that help me quiet my overactive mind so I can get some rest. Friends and online music blogs keep me abreast of the new stuff and there are quite few new cats in the game that I jam on a consistent basis. You’ll have to stay tuned to hear more about them, though. hehe.

So that, ladies and gentlemen, is the chronicle of my musical evolution (so far)…it turned out to be quite a long post, but there was so much to cover from a boy who didn’t indulge in much music to a man who counts it one of his great loves. I’ll always be a sucker for a hard beat and good production or an emotion ballad full of descending chords (inside joke). Oh, and yes – Britney will ALWAYS be at the top of EVERY list! thankssssss!!!

the one and only. bow DOWN!!!


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