choreo journal #2 – a rush job, but a job PERIOD.

Hello friends!

I’m fresh off a crazy week of no sleep, cutting music I wasn’t really crazy about, and setting choreography to said music. The fact that I wasn’t really crazy about it caused me a bit of stress, which is why I didn’t sleep very well, on top of that it was a rush job. I got the call sunday, received the music on Wednesday, and had the finished product sent off by saturday. Get the full story after the jump.

So here’s how it went. Like I said, I got the call Sunday. It’s a client I’ve done choreography for many times in the past, but since they’re a half a nation away (I’m in CT, they’re in TX), I wouldn’t be able to go and teach them the dance, so instead we agreed that I would video myself teaching the dance, and send it off for others to learn to then impart to others. Wacky idea, right? Not really. I’ve actually done it a few times before, but had a decent amount of time to put it all together.

Here’s the rub about the situation — I wasn’t really excited about the music. Un peu, oui. A lot, no. I never usually have a problem with choreoing to stuff I’m not madly in love with, as it’s what I spend most of my summers doing, but this time it nearly killed me. Okay, that was an exaggeration, but it was hard. Harder than most projects I take on. It was to be a production piece, which requires everything but the kitchen sink, including transitions and props. Think 4 dances on stage at once. Yeah, you see where I’m coming from now, eh?

When I’m in times like this, it always seems like nothing fits. For me, choreography fits into the music like a bug snuggling into rug. In this instance, the dance needed to compliment the music and the theme, and vice versa. A little combo that I tried to place here didn’t work and I still wasn’t feeling it later in the 8 counts. Hmm..let’s try it in the chorus. No, not there. The breakdown? No, no, no, totally the wrong feel! It got to the point that I was getting a little worried that I wouldn’t make my deadline and finish in time. I put in a prayer to the choreo gods and hunkered down for 2 days to finish it. I worked all day and most of the night, got in bed, couldn’t go to sleep because the dance was still on my mind, and got up in the middle of the night to finish it! Dedication yo. Miraculously, I completed setting the dance, filming the teaching parts and myself performing it for reference, and even threw in the music and invoice — all under the deadline! Then slept for about 12 hours straight. Like a boss.

The clarity is never there in the midst of all of it, but even at the worst, most stressful times, I still enjoy it. It’s a challenge. One that I’m tackling again this week because I have another teaching vid due, but a welcome challenge. Crazy, I know. I’ll leave you with this: the fact that I’m able to pull a job like this in the first place is the real blessing. I have friends who don’t even get to work in the field they went to school for, let alone make money at something they enjoy. I consider myself blessed (and lucky) to have a job that is so fickle to others, yet allows me to earn a good pay and have some fun. So no matter if it’s easy, rushed, hard to choreo, or set to bad music, it’s a job. If it’s a dancing, I’m living.



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