spotlight: OW! my eyes hurt from the brightness…

Apparently SHINee’s BACK!!!

Since you probably don’t know, SHINee (pronounced like “shiny”) is a R&B boy band from Korea. Given that I have a big affinity for J-Pop & K-Pop music, I sometimes come across their music. I’m quite partial to a lot of the Korean girl group acts (Girls’ Generation, Miss A, Brown Eyed Girls), but never really check for the guy groups other than Big Bang. Well, SHINee just released a video for their new single “Sherlock” and I got knocked on my butt by the choreography! Like seriously! Watch the video and the dance demo after the jump.

WHOA! Supa dupa flyyy! Tony Testa did this choreography and left me wondering how come American artists can’t pull off choreo like this. It’s probably because we no longer have guy groups to do this level of choreo on, but as much as someone like Chris Brown could pull this off, I feel their egos would get in the way of them putting on a show that wasn’t purely based around them. But this. THIS. THIS right here is EVERYTHING!!! The staging, canons, contagion, footwork, just all of it! It was crazy clever of Tony to have “shadowing” concept (0:33 in the dance demo vid below) as a motif throughout the dance. All the pictures he created were so interesting (0:36, 0:40, 2:00) and the transitions were seamless, though that’s kind of the standard when you have 5+ people on stage. The opening sets the scene and the ending brings it all full circle. It’s complete, it’s fun, it’s pretty much flawless. It’s the kind of choreo that I aspire to do – musical, clean, always something interesting to look at, but never too busy. Tony Testa has worked with big names like Kylie Minogue (specifically “Get Outta My Way“, which is my JAM), Janet Jackson, and was even working on Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” tour before his death, but, with the exception of Janet Jackson, I haven’t seen this caliber of dance on American artists. It’s the kind of creativity you see on dance crews trying to hustle to the top. This video just put Tony on my hardcore radar – I’m still floored. I kinda have a new choreography inspiration. Check out the dance demo and revel in the brilliance.

God. The breakdown from 3:33 on is just unmitigated genius. From a dance/choreography standpoint, it’s so satisfying to watch, and even better performing it. It’s so ridiculously clean, you can cut yourself on the sharpness and when it’s smooth, it’s like butta. Just flawless.

Just so you know, I spent a whole blog post analyzing the choreography of a K-pop video. But hey, that’s what I do here.


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