choreo journal #3 – a prayer to the gods


So I’m working on a new piece to a great new song which I may or may not share with you. First of all, you must understand why I may not share it with you. As dancers and choreographers, we get real protective or our stuff, especially when it’s new. The song I’m using is from a UK artist who hasn’t yet blown up here in the US and I don’t want to be the first to introduce him all over the place, hence everyone start using his music. Yes, it’s selfish. I know. Bite me. I’m sure I’ll end up mentioning much more about him, but until then, hold out until I’m feeling generous enough to share. I’ll drop some hints throughout the post, so let me know if you have an idea of who it is. Let’s just think of this as my prayer to the choreo gods; you’re just in the next confessional overhearing my plea. 🙂

So, yes, back to the new piece. It’s a little different for me and my style. It’s more of a street jazz/contemporary piece, which is one of my strengths, but the style is VERY different. I’m accustomed to choreoing very fierce, obnoxious, vogue-infused dances. On the contrast, this one is a mannish, swagged-out combo with a touch of sweetness. Think Vin Diesel showing up at your door with a roses, your favorite moscato, and a smile. Yes. Give me second to revel in that image….mmmmm…….

The thing about it is because it’s such a departure from my usual style, it’s taking me forever to complete! I’ve probably been working on it for a good 2 weeks and have maybe a third of it finished. It really makes me dig down deep into my movement vocabulary and strip it of all its cuntiness and make it grow some chest hair and put on some Old Spice. I know, weird imagery. But that’s what it is. I’m in my room trying to learn how to glide and listening to Robin Thicke to find my inner sweet white boy swag! I really can’t tell you how much I love it though, it’s so much fun. Once I have that little burst of creativity that gives birth to a few counts of choreo, it makes me elicit a triumphant “Eyyyyyyyy!!!” and a big Cheshire cat grin. Part of it from the fact it’s helping me grow and push past some of the apprehension I have with dancing this style, as well as choreographing it, the other part from the sheer fun of doing it. I always try to choreograph dances that I would like to do, and this one is no exception. I think it’ll be a great piece, surprising because it’s not really what’s expected from me. It’s good stuff. But I need it to come to me a bit faster.

much love.   b.



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