currently obsessed with: crystal kay

Who is that stunning woman?! That lovely skin, high cheekbones, and piercing eyes – don’t forget that REAL good hair!  Well don’t be surprised if you have no idea, she’s not an US artist. Her name is Crystal Kay and I believe the world should definitely get to know her and her music, she’s quite the talent! Keep reading to find out more about her and why I love her to death!

Miss Crystal Kay Williams is a Japanese pop music recording artist. She’s usually known as Crystal Kay (CK) and just to get the obvious question out-of-the-way, her ethnic heritage is African-American (hence that name) and Korean. She dropped her first album when she was 13 and has been in the J-pop game ever since.  CK’s music is a fusion of R&B/Pop with some urban influences and she mostly sings in Japanese, though she intersperses English here and there and every once in a while she covers American songs. You’re already familiar with my love of asian culture and music; the biggest reason why I’m so enamoured with it is because of the great fun of the pop music they produce. Of course pop music itself can be pretty fun, but there’s such a sense of openness in good J-pop and K-pop that makes me smile and dance around like this. CK’s music is no exception. Check out her singing “Kataomoi (One-sided Love) live. It’s long, but worth it.

Try to tell me her lil’ tantrum and the reggae remix didn’t make you smile. Be honest. Mmmhmm. Not to mention how she was serving Beyoncé realness in the one-shouldered leo! Give it to ’em girl! I was first turned on to her music from a blog I frequent and, at first, I though she wasn’t that special. Other than her exotic look, nothing much that I heard from her really pulled me in. It wasn’t until heard a teaser for her song “Superman” that I started to have a real interest in her sound. It was classy, fun, her vocals were tight, and production was shiny as a new penny – all the stuff that pulls me in. When the video dropped, the concept was a bit lacking, but the Rino Nakasone choreo (which we all know how much that matters to me) was great and CK was cuttin’ a nice rug. The piano version showed off her emotion and vocal range and had me putting together possible contemporary combos in my head to store away for class. I delved a bit deeper into her discography and found a few little gems that made me a full-blown CK stan: “Namida No Saki Ni“, “Konna ni Chikaku de…” and her acoustic cover of my favorite Michael Jackson track “Human Nature”.

You know I have mad admiration for people who strive for success no matter the difficulty, and Crystal has been in the music game for  a while, over 10 years now. She’s has enjoyed moderate success in Japan and has broken boundaries in music with her bi-racial identity and R&B sound, but has yet to really have that smash hit that makes her a household name. I’m adding her to my list of current (and long-term) obsessions because with a Colgate smile like that and music as good as the stuff she makes, Crystal Kay will take over the world soon enough!  Click the pic to the right to follow her on twitter and keep up with appearances at the official UMG site here. Because it’s Friday, I leave you with her latest single “Delicious na Kinyoubi (Delicious Friday)”. Have a great weekend and think of me as you’re gettin’ down!


2 thoughts on “currently obsessed with: crystal kay

  1. xugetsu says:

    Ckay is been my favorite since c.l.l but….i have a. Problem with how shes straying from her jpop roots and becoming well….rachet i miss the old ckay but we all grow and change i hope she doesnt lose her idenity to much we have enough beyonce wannabes


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