big thangs poppin’…2 OFFICIAL announcements!

So excuse the use of the outdated slang, but big thangs really are poppin’ around here! I’m excited to share them with you, so pop the top and go read up!

First and foremost, my official logo is DONE!!! It was custom designed over a process that took about 2 months and I am RIDICULOUSLY proud of my new image! Expect to see it everywhere you see my name and it will be incorporated into most of my professional identity. In time, the name will be removed, but until then, bask in the distinctive identity of Bryan O’Shea Dance!!! It’s me in a nutshell – classic, but contemporary with a touch of elegance & fun!

Secondly, I’m very happy to announce that I’ve penned a deal with Scene Interactive, a video production company from Brooklyn, NY to help produce three PROFESSIONAL high quality choreography demos of my work later this month! I’ve waited until all was set and official and as of today, I’ll be filming one duet and one trio with my dancers and one solo featuring myself. The demos will be released over the summer as a part of my “Bryan O’Shea Loves..” series. Scene Interactive’s main mission is to help gain exposure and book work through HD video production. Check out their website, company reel, and wait with bated breath for my hotness to drop — I promise you’ll love it! It’ll be some ferocity, a lotta booty, and some great dancers to be seen! Here’s an example of their great work.

I’m telling you now, keep an eye out — this shit is getting SERIOUS!!!


4 thoughts on “big thangs poppin’…2 OFFICIAL announcements!

  1. Ayla Marie says:

    So incredibly excited for you! This sounds like such a great opportunity.
    Also, I’m a huge fan of the logo. It’s the kind of thing I kind of want billions of stickers of so I can post ’em all over town lol.

    You’re really moving forward. Keep up the hard work.
    Also, I saw the pictures you have on Facebook of some of your performances. Do you have a youtube or anything of the like? I would love to see you in action!

    ❤ Ayla

    • many MANY thanks for the support ayla! it’s greatly appreciated -also for the sticker idea too, i would have never thought of doing that to drum up some interest (though i see them all around the city!). maybe i’ll get a street team going! LOL 😀

      performance vids are my next step. i’m contacting directors of my companies to get permission to use some video footage for a performance reel. if i can get them cut and done up nicely they’ll go on my YT channel (search bryanosheadance, i can’t link it for some reason). thank you again for dropping by! ❤


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