choreo journal #4 – it all went so fast!


Hello friends!

This particular post has gone through 3 separate iterations on its way to being the words you see now. First, I was going to write about this great piece of choreo that I was hoping I’d get to filmed. Then it turned into a chance to tell you about this great opportunity I’d possibly have to film said choreo. Finally, it’s a chronicle of getting said piece of choreo filmed and having my first choreography demo début. Hear the story after the jump!

Tracking back to the beginning, it started as I first heard Madonna’s new single, “Girl Gone Wild”. It’s a great song with a dark beat and good production, so it stuck with me immediately and of course, the wheels in my head start turning. No praying to the choreo gods this time, the floodgates opened and I put together a nice little combo. It was my dance style turned up a few degrees, lots of vogue-ish hand performance, a few knee hinges, and a jazz hand section thrown in for good measure. Can’t neglect the technical base…haha! I had a bit of trouble trying to wrap it all up (as I usually do in most of my pieces) so I just left it to finish later, as I didn’t really have a complete purpose for finishing the piece.

About a week later, as I was working on another piece, I spied a post on a local Facebook group by filmmaker who was willing to film a dancer or crew that already had a prepared choreography piece as an opportunity to improve his dance/choreography film production. The best part was that he was offering his services for FREE as long as he received a director/production credit! The worst part was that he established the post at 9pm Saturday night and wanted to film before 11am Sunday morning! Easter Sunday morning to be exact. To be honest, I’m not really one to jump at stuff without analyzing the pros & cons, so I stepped away from the computer and decided not to take the opportunity. Besides, there are so many other dancers/choreographers in my area, I figured someone would take advantage of it. Truth is, I was a bit afraid of my choreo getting put other there for local dancers in my area to see (look for more about this later…it’s too long to post here). 20 minutes later, I figured there was no reason to let insecurity cripple me and contacted the filmmaker. His name is Effrem J. Adams (check his stuff out here) and his portfolio of work is quite extensive. After contacting him, he got back to me a bit late (like 1am late), so at the end of Sunday I didn’t know if it was gonna happen. I tossed on an ending to the combination that came to me, cut the music and went to bed.

I heard from Effrem about 4 hours later at the crack of sunrise. We made plans, and I met him in Hartford within the hour. We filmed at 8am downtown in the public area on top of the Hartford tunnel with Rensslaer and the St. Charles chapel in the background. I’ve never seen Hartford so dead – it’s was the slightest bit disconcerting. Never did I think after seeing that post at 9pm Saturday that less than 12 hours later, I’d be filming my first choreo demo! It all went so fast! After setting up, Effrem took his shots and we wrapped up in a little more than a half hour, much less time than other video shoots I’ve done. Effrem was great and we had fun and cracked jokes; after seeing my combo for the first time, all he could say was “interesting”. Don’t know if that was good or bad…

All in all, I had a great time and I’m so happy with the resulting product. Effrem is DEFINITELY on my list to help produce other choreo demos, my mind is already turning with other possibilities! If you haven’t already seen it, here’s it is. If you watch it, feel free to like it and comment!

with love. b.


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