officially announcing the summer series!

hello friends!

Is it hot enough for you yet?! Today is the official start of Summer 2012 and to celebrate, I’m thrilled to announce “Bryan O’Shea Loves…”, the début of some great choreography demos over the next 3 months! Consisting of three small pieces of Bryan O’Shea choreography featuring music from the Wonder Girls, Nicki Minaj, and the now-defunct girl group Delovely, this summer series is sure to add a good dose of heat to what’s already turning out to be a steamy summer! Better turn up the AC and get that iced tea (or green tea for some of you… 😉 ) ready now!

I wanted to do something special with the three demos I filmed last month, so a summer series seemed like a fun little way to release them. I’ll release one on a Monday of every month, and follow them up with a spotlight post or a choreo journal of why I chose their music or some fun facts behind the dance. I have hopes at the end of the series to announce my website launch — that’d be fun, eh? As always, if you like what you see comment, rate, and subscribe and don’t forget to share!

Next question — which one should I release first?



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