spotlight: HTE Dance

YOU: Hey Bryan!

ME: Yeah?

YOU: What’s up with the long breaks between your blog posts? You usually post one every week.

ME: About that — read below then click that little link that says “Keep reading…” 😀

The prime reason my posts have been on the slow side lately is because I’ve jet-settd all over my home state of Texas teaching for HTE Dance, a company that provides leadership training & dance instruction for dance and drill teams across the nation. Flip the page for more…

Started in 1991 by Jeffrey Giles, I attended HTE Officer Training Camp in Dallas my senior year of high school and fell in love immediately. We had never been to camp, so we knew nothing of learning all the dances, final day performances, spirit sticks, or standing out at camp to make an impression. Despite that, we broke free of our shell with an entertaining incident where we carried one of the senior staff around on our shoulders and received a spirit stick as well as the “Friendship Boot”, an award voted on by all the teams at camp as the most admired officer line. We left camp that week better prepared to lead our team and motivated to have a great year. We had so much fun at camp and the staff worked so hard to teach and entertain us, it was something I immediately related to and wanted to be a part of. As we traveled back home and spoke of our goals for the upcoming year, my main goal was the become a part of HTE Staff. Cheeseball I was back then.

While at camp, I connected with our Staff buddy and inquired about how I could become a part of these camps and join HTE Staff. It was as easy as filling out an application, making a performance & choreography video, and turning in recommendations. With the help of my Dance Director, I applied in December 2004 and was accepted the following Spring of 2005 as 1 of the 2 first male staff members of HTE Dance. I was ridiculously excited and attended Staff Retreat and had a great first summer. The rest is pretty much history.

Since that first summer, I’ve spent seven more consecutive summers as a staff member of this great camp company. From rookie staff member (and a 2005 Award for Rookie of the Year), to Senior Staff to Head Instructor, I’ve benefitted so much from my employment with HTE. Each and every summer, I have the chance to dance and hone my choreography skills, which has led to many private choreography bookings. I’ve learned from and assisted top-notch dancers and choreographers, such as Kevin “Tokyo” Inoue and “So You Think You Can Dance” alum Ade Obayomi. In addition to dance camps, HTE produces dance competitions and special events, such as the Annual Children’s Holiday Parade in Dallas and has taken part in the 2012 Rose Parade in Pasadena, California which I was grateful to take part in and lend my skills and talents in structuring and cleaning the Finale Dance.

As a part of this company, I’ve learned so much, made so many awesome friends that I consider my family, and have so many great memories, it’s difficult to think of a summer where I’m not doing this. My mind can’t say on it for too long — I have dances to choreograph! Until then, I’ll keep traveling and making memories!

For more information on HTE Dance, check out


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