choreo demo: bryan o’shea loves nicki minaj

***WARNING – it’s the tiniest bit NSFW. just a tiny bit***

I really don’t think you understand what’s coming. When you press that play button, I need you to get ready for something you have yet to see from me. It’s everything that is at my essence – fun, foolishness, full-out dancing, and lots of A$$! It’s also the number one reason I used Nicki Minaj’s verse from the remix of Big Sean’s “A$$ (DANCE)”. Loud and a bit crazy with a dash of ghetto, Nicki’s persona is my alter-ego. Although I’m not in it, I found in Lori & Katie EVERYTHING that I wanted. Lori gave me that beastly swag and rode the beat like a pro, while Katie exudes over-the-top energy and the crazy moves that make you say “that white girl can GET ITTT!” Real talk though, I’m so happy that I got to work with them; the product is awesome! I’ll shut up now, go press play. OH – if you likey likey likey, sharey sharey SHAREY! Word of mouf is the best promotion. Enjoy!



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