choreo journal #7 – spiraling. out. of. control.

Hello friends!

Once again, I must apologize for neglecting my precious blog. I tried to keep up, but life had me running in 14 different directions; something had to give. Unfortunately, we haven’t chatted in a while and we have lots to catch up on. So flip the page and let’s talk.

Y’all. Wait. Just listen for a second. Y’all. I don’t think I have EVER been this busy in my entire life. Like seriously. It’s been one of those busy periods where if just one thing falls out-of-place, it all goes tumbling. And for a hot second there, it was all about to go down. I was spiralling out of control to the point I couldn’t tell you what day of the week it was! I had so many places to be, so much choreography to teach and remember, so much going on personally, it got overwhelming. I didn’t tweet, Instagram, update Facebook or my blog, and my Klout score plummeted, and speaking honestly, I could not have cared less. All the personal goals of staying on top of communication and taking care of things as they come went out of the window. No lie, it was a bit scary. I’d never been so busy to this extent and I didn’t know if I could stay on top of it in order for it all to succeed.

Part of it comes from my inability to say no. I look at every opportunity I get as a potential chance to grow professionally, keep my body moving, and put a few coins in the bank, so if something comes my way that I feel like I can do, I try to make it happen. But as we all know, when you take on too much, something suffers adversely. For me, it was partly my well-being. All the symptoms I listed above, plus a few more I didn’t, kept me from feeling and working up to my best potential.

I’m happy to say that it’s getting better and I have a good strong hold on juggling it all. I’m working on a few pieces (both dance and theatre-related stuff) that are really satisfying & that I know will turn out great. One is a studio piece for a winter studio show I’m heading set to composer Drehz’s instrumental song, “For You I Will”. Inspired by the first day of snow, I approached teaching the choreo as free-standing class phrases over a few weeks, and then constructed the dance with the combinations we’d already learned, added transitions and staging, and we’re now done with 5 weeks til show! What’s special about this is that all the combinations were created off the top of my head, in class, without the actual song we’re using as inspiration. Only until I put them with the music and tweaked them a bit did it become the choreography for the piece. Now don’t read this with the thought that I feel like I just made a huge choreographic innovation, but in this situation, this approach has worked wonders. I’m just really proud of it, that’s all….

As with everything in life, there’s a moral among all this. I dunno what it is. I will say this though, it is my most-aligned hope (nowish (no…) thought (perfect!) that all of this is preparing me for the life I’ll lead when I reach my greatest potential.



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