choreo demo: bryan o’shea loves delovely

So the final demo in the summer/fall series “bryan o’shea loves…” has arrived! It’s quintessential me and I absolutely love the choreo that finished the night before the shoot! My personal dance style is highly influenced by foundation styles like vogue and house and this solo is no exception. The music is “Delovely”, from the now-defunct girl group of the same name and speaks on the self-confidence one carries that people either admire or envy. Either way, there’s no denying that I’m delovely and you are too! Get into that arm & hand work and get your LIFE honey! If you’re into it, press that share button & send it to all your friends!

Don’t be sad though, this isn’t the last choreo demo you’ll see from me. I’ve got others in the works as well as a few examples of the type of choreography I create over the summer, so, as always, check here frequently and don’t miss what’s coming next!



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