inspiration: make my world turn

So apart from all the viral amazingness out there that we’re exposed to daily, there are some people out there who are just unabashedly themselves. They march to the beat of their own drum and just put it all out there. This post is dedicated to them. I’m in awe of their ferocity, charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent (did you catch that?….). Here are a few that make my heart smile and my world turn. If you still don’t get it, flip the page and let’s talk.

“Wonder Queen”

Why I Love It: leave it to a pack of five Thai boys who call themselves “Wonder Queen” to give me more life than the original girl group (and that’s difficult for me to say.) This dance cover of the Wonder Girls’ single “Be My Baby” is one of the absolute best that I’ve seen. With the WG logo on the stairs, their K-Pop styling (I want one of those pins they wear), and their break neck hair flips, these boys meant business. They entered the dance in a cover contest and unfortunately didn’t win, but you can’t deny they didn’t work hard and do their absolute best with this flawless cover dance. The guy performing SunYe’s part is my favorite, his impression of her idiosyncratic head tilt and left eye wink is spot on.

“Miracle on 42nd Street”

Why I Love It: What’s a better harbinger of Christmas other than a one-take jazz duet in red leotards that’s campier than a cocktail party with Liza, Judy, and Barbra? When I first saw this piece of greatness, I was almost inclined to give it a whole post because it was just that good. The choreography is great, the song a Christmas classic, and they sold it so well I wanted to get up and dance with them! Hate if you must, but recognize that you’re only doing it because you know you couldn’t put on that outfit and kill it like they did!

Fanny Pak, “Black and Gold”

Why I Love It: I can really put into words my love for Fanny Pak. A friend of mine introduced me to the group one fateful summer and I’ve been changed ever since! Their movement style (mainly inspired by the genius of choreographer Matt Cady) is something that has influenced my dancing and movement style. All little alternative with all types of other dance flavors mixed in, they started the trend of some of the “ganky”, “banjee”, androgynous movement that is so popular today. The video above is a piece they performed for the Carnival Choreographers Showcase and shows how Fanny Pak has turned movement into art. Check out some of Matt Cady’s other pieces: (Till The World Ends Submission, Break The Ice Demo)



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