come say hi!

see what you're missing?!?!hey friends! Been a lil’ busy lately – it’s the season for Nutcracker performances, holiday shows, new projects, and new developments, all of which I’ve been neck deep in since we last talked. No fear though, I am still alive and well! Since you’ve been so patient, I’m glad to tell you that new posts are on deck – one dropping Monday and a bonus one at the end of the week!

Until then, swing by my Facebook and leave me a ‘LIKE’ or come follow me on Twitter! They’re both looking a bit sparse and I have no one to chat with! 😦 Oh! I almost forgot about Instagram – follow there too! It’s my personal #dancejournal where I share fortune cookie wisdom, performance venues, food, and lots of pics from the #dancelife! Hope you’re all doing well – we’ll talk soon!


2 thoughts on “come say hi!

    • Hi Kelsey! So good to hear from you and glad to see you’re blogging too! I’ve been at it for almost a year and it’s a great place to just lay it all out there! Thanks for the follow & I’ll be sure to come say hello on your blog too!


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