choreo demo: adam lambert – pop that lock (featuring hte dance staff)

adam & i giving our our best smize

It’s been a minute since my last choreo demo so I figured I’d treat you to something new (and a little different). As you know, I’m a Senior Instructor at HTE Dance, a dance and leadership camp company based in my home state of Texas. This past summer, fellow Senior Instructor Carly Kingston and I were asked to choreograph the annual Camp Dance, a dance performed by the Dance Staff during the opening and closing of each camp and taught to camp attendees. This past year’s song was Adam Lambert’s hit, “Pop That Lock”, an anthem about letting go of your limitations and following your dreams. See the results after the jump…

Good, right?! HTE Staff is talented yo! To be honest, having the opportunity to choreograph Camp Dance was a goal I hoped to meet during my time with HTE Dance. It’s taught and performed by hundreds or dancers and teams around the state and really puts the choreographers work in the spotlight, so I was quite excited to be on the choreography team with Carly. Summer’s fast approaching, as well as another summer with HTE (hopefully), so my fingers are crossed for a second go at working with the staff and campers this summer!


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