spotlight: superbowl 2013 halftime rundown

yes, yes, and yes! werk Bey!

So as we all know there was a football game at the Beyoncé concert last Sunday. The Baltimore Ravens won the game (congrats to them), but Beyoncé won the night. Just a year ago, I reviewed Madonna’s Superbowl halftime performance, and here’s my rundown on Beyoncé’s from this year. It’s kinda becoming a tradition here…I hope next year’s show is as review-worthy as the past two. Pardon my lateness, it was so difficult to get a good video that wouldn’t get taken down by the time I published the blog, but to watch along with my commentary, click the tweet and let’s go!


00:07 – countdown is my JAM – just so you know.

00:43 – my friend Margo is somewhere in the midst of these running people. I’m a little worried for her, she’s tiny…

00:57 – the DIVAAAA!!! When she takes that ratchet pose you know Sasha is here and bout to go in and let have! and this double profile stage is different. This is most definitely the Beyoncé show.

01:52 – mmm…i love her look! Her makeup is lovely, but her hair makes her head look small…I’m sure I’ll end up liking it by the end of the show.

01:56 – 02:25 – UNGHHH!!! THAT WALKKKK!!! and “Crazy In Love” with original choreo!!! She bout to sting y’all!!! UNGHHH!!!! Too bad she missed that mark (02:26) Bey gon be mad about that!

02:39 -02:50 – Again – That strut is everything! And here she go throwing clothes into the audience – when Bey is 60 she’s gon be like Patti LaBelle, singing and jumpin’ outta shoes and shit…slow it down then Bey..

03:27 – 03:48 – Yes lawd. Memories. That CIL dance was some of the first Beyoncé choreo I ever learned. Used it for my stand routine at the football game one year too. You couldn’t tell me I wasn’t fly – I danced it about as hard as she did too!

05:30 – TURN UP!!! This “End of Time” choreo is so beat! I’ve always loved the African fusion in it and this arrangement always get’s me hype. Oooohhweee Bey be dancing so hard! Put in werk then gal!

06:00 – 06:15 – Her technology budget must be so ridiculous! Love “Baby Boy”.

07:00 – 07:20 – Dutty Wine?! Please don’t tell me she boutta….YASSSSSSS!!!! SLAYYYYY!!!! BREAK YO NECK BEY!! If you know me at all, you know the dutty wine is my dance – my imaginary hair is bout Beyoncé’s length when I start whipping it. Whew that thrashing is SERIOUS toward the end…she ain’t playing with the kids….

07:30 – KELLY?!?! That must mean…

07:35 – MICHELLE! oh Lord, don’t let her fall – hallelu! Hey girl hey!!!

beyonce kelly michelle superbowl 201307:53 – DC3! They look so good reunited! Kelly is so damn fly – her hair is beat!

09:22 – You knew she was not gon miss an opportunity to sing “Single Ladies”!

09:40 – When did Kelly turn into Madea talking bout “sho nuff baby!”

10:32 – 10:53 – Bye Kelly, bye Michelle – see y’all next time! Watch Bey go in on this choreo…what I say? Ratchet Beyoncé (11:02) is the best Beyoncé – that’s me on the inside I swear!

11:30 – They always want people to end on the soft tip – can we end with a big song please?! Where’s “Deja Vu”? Where’s Jay-Z? Baby Blue?

13:30 – Good job boo!!! She DID that – and thanked God too!

All in all, she entertained and put on a super great show. Past the Illuminati craziness and Michelle Williams shade, Bey proved she’s one of the baddest chicks in the game – no lie, she’s pretty legendary. I would be wrong in saying that she’ll be iconic by the time she retires. I always love how she really utilizes dancers in so many of her performances – them girls be everywhere! Big shoutout to longtime dancers Ashley Everett and Danielle Polanco, love them! Hopefully that’s not before I get the chance to work with her! 😀


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