currently obsessed with: death of us & everything beyonce has released the past 3 months…



My first full-fledged post back is a big one – as least to me! It’s a new gem & a not-so-new jam that are both on current rotation in every music product I own. Everytime I hear them you know what happens – I HAVE to start moving! One is a hardcore dance jam that was passed up by Rihanna, and the others are by the Queen of EVERYTHING Mrs. Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter (yes, I geeked out right there, you should expect that by now.) ANNNDDD I have an extreme bone to pick with her too! Flip the page and we’ll get to gettin’!

So right off the top, jam #1 is Ester Dean’s “Death of Us”. Passed over by Miss Dancehall Queen Rihanna, I first heard it a while back on a YT vid of Brian Friedman teaching at a Master Class fundraiser in LA. I’ll post it below, but the class – made up of mostly professional dancers – were LIVING! Check out Taylor James (right side with the flannel around his waist) and that crazy arm work! Past his amazing choreo and the dancers serving, the song itself is the impetus behind my obsession. When I turn it on, it just brings everything out of me! I begin serving sweaty-club realness mixed with cage-dancer teas along with a side of white-hot sexiness that has me hanging off door frames and breaking a sweat by the end of the dance. Don’t think it’s because I’m outta shape – I’m just dancing that hard! Props to Ester for her awesome writing and whoever produced this line of crack needs bout half a millions dollars because I’m madddd addicted!

Jam #2 and #3 are the new Beyoncé cuts that she’s been teasing everyone with. The first that I’m loving is “Grown Woman”, her newest Afro-Latin infused jam that has me dancing all night. Like literally. The snippet from the Pepsi commercial had me moving, but late one night I found the video of her performing it onstage and started dancing. Before I knew it, the sun was rising. No lie! No sleep that night, and my body  was shot all day, but that’s the price you pay for being a dancer. You gotta move when the inspiration strikes – it’s a blessing and a curse! In the span of those few hours, I choreographed a full dance in preparation for the summer, but because a certain superstar has been on that other, she hasn’t dropped the single so that I can actually teach it to people. Yes, Beyoncé, I’M TALKING TO YOU!!! I am so upset at her for holding out so long, I need her to give us something! Then she had to turn around a release a snippet of “Standing on the Sun” in conjunction with her new swimsuit line at H&M. The perfect summer jam, it reminds me a bit of Aaliyah’s “Rock the Boat” while the visuals remind me of her single “Baby Boy” from Dangerously In Love. I will tell you this though: I’m tired of playing these snippets on repeat – BEYONCE! RELEASE THESE DAMN TRACKS GIRL!!!



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