update: i’m alive!

Hello friends!

dpg_7504 (2)I’M ALIVE!!!

I know, I know – I took another inadvertent break (the longest one so far), but I’m happy to announce that I’m back now! We all know how life has a funny way of slowing down and speeding up and my life ramped up to a ridiculous speed. As I’ve said before, something had to give, and much like last time, it was the blog and my social media communication. As much as I like the large reach being on social media gives me, it’s always so exhausting to keep up with it along with the everyday life of maintaining a dance career. I do hope to become better at it though. I’m rebuilding a backlog of posts to keep you entertained this summer. I am working again with HTE Dance for most of June – August, but I’m determined not to fall behind like I did last summer.

You can look forward to new posts (the first one being today!), as well as some new twitter interaction and good stuff like that. I ask that you send me some good vibes and thoughts this summer, as I’ll be working my butt off to possibly bring you some new choreography demos and finally finish my doggone website! Thanks for sticking by me and if I’m not here, you can always find me here or here!

with love, B



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