spotlight: MEEEEE!!! lol


EYYYYY!!! Look at ya boy! As a part of their Summer 2013 campaign “HTE Dance Motivator: Full Out…No Regrets!”, the leadership & dance camp company is premiering a short profile of each summer staff member daily. Mine was the first to be unveiled early last week.

GET TO KNOW THE HTEDANCE TEAM – Bryan Smith 9 Year Staffer
Bryan graduated from Longview HS as a Viewette Officer
Graduated from Hartford Conservatory – Dance Pedagogy/Performance
Resides in New England where he continues to teach as a master teacher (I’m far from that, but I appreciate the ego boost LOL)
His most recent assignment was as a featured dancer in “Broadway in Ravello”  Italy’s Broadway, the Amalfi Coast.

Taken by Jenni Wright of Big Shots Photography at our annual Staff Retreat this past May, I love my little contemporary jump and my headshot (though my shirt still needs more tailoring…*sigh*). I’ll be returning for another summer with HTE Dance, starting in about 2 weeks, and though I’m excited, I still have so much to take care of here before I trek down to TX for 3 months!

To find out more about HTE (and see the other staff member’s pictures), find them on Facebook ! They are on Twitter and Instagram (@HTEDance) too!



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