spotlight: #throwback britney & the pepsi generations


Yes friends, it’s been a while, a long while, but I’m here to share the love with you once again! It’s been a long summer, but I’m on the eve of getting back in the swing of thingsbrit pepsi gen and missed you, so now’s as good a time as ever to hit you with some new blog heat! I’m starting (almost) Fall 2013 off with one of my faves: look to your right and you will see the vision of beauty that is Miss Britney Spears.

She’s getting a throwback post today because earlier this week, for some random reason, I started humming this tune that was vaguely familiar. I couldn’t really put my finger on it other than the fact it was distinctly retro (it had a catchy 50s-type jingle feel to it) and I was super sure of the melody. After running around most of the day with whatever song it was on repeat in my brain, I took to my iTunes to help me out. The answer was not there. Let’s try YouTube. I tried looking up jazz standards (nope), movie musical hits (not there), and then a couple of Judy Garland songs (I know, I know…but not there either.) But I look to my Recommended videos and what to my searching eyes would appear this little gem…

(flip the page!!!)

brit pepsi 1950s The phantom melody I was searching for was the 1958 jingle for Pepsi from Britney Spears’ 2001 “For Those Who Think Young” commercial. After further research, I found out that her version was a cover of the original jingle sung by Joanie Summers that uses a lot of chord tonality from “Makin’ Whoopie” (*raises eyebrows*). Past all of this, finding this commercial set me off on a trip of nostalgia that made my heart smile.

When this commercial debuted, I was so freakin’ in LOVE with the last part “New Millennium” that featured Britney outfitted in an BEAT ass ensemble made of what looked like Pepsi bottles and cans. This was at the height of her career and the height of my Britney adoration. I had 2 separate posters of Britney in my room as well as 2 Destiny’s Child ones (don’t hate!) and remember watching the choreography over and over in an effort to learn it, but failing miserably because it was so damn quick. That Wade Robson/Brian Friedman era of Britney choreo was pretty much what solidified my ambitions of becoming a choreographer because I wanted to create exciting movement that elicited inspiration in the people who watched it much like it did when I created it.

Let’s not forget the commercial that came before it.

Ugh. I just cannot DEAL. Look at her fierce ass walk at the beginning. She’s got doors opening on their own and everything…my girl owns the throne!One of my biggest reasonsbrit pepsi 2002 for loving this advertisement so much (beside Britney and the choreography) was the extra attractive guy with the strong jaw and cornrows at 0:26 seconds. I never figured out who he was, though and I could (and still can) name most of the dancers in the commercial.

As I watch these commercials again & again (I’ve probably watched both of them a good 10-15 times while writing this post), I smile and recapture some of the magic and excitement that overtook me every time I watched them. The combination of the music, the celebrity, the choreography, and the company all joined to create such a perfect cultural moment that people remember and take time to reminisce. Reading many of the comments on the videos, there are many others across the nation and world who feel the same. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – crazy, bald, or sexy, Britney is the SHIT! And don’t you forget it!

britney pepsi new millennium



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