spotlight: britney’s “work b**ch”

brit whip


Don’t act like you didn’t know this was coming- it told you to expect it! The other Queen B (you should know who the first one is by now) dropped a new visual for her latest single “Work B**ch” last night and she delivered beautifully! Hot outfits, awesome locations, great dancers – Brit Brit really outdid herself. The fire in her eyes has returned and she even killed a few eights of choreo which we haven’t seen her do in a minute! It was damn near flawless. Let’s jump right into the rundown.


00:02 – First glimpse. My heart is literally racing. My girl looks great – damn those heels are high!

00:06 – I feel like this is the strongest image I’ve seen feature Britney in a while. You just can’t go wrong with a line of bad bitches. Ever. britney-spears-work-bitch-platform

00:30 – Mmhmm…I really like this sleek look…Britney’s body is super bangin’. These dancers are killin too. This girl to Brit’s right has a DONK!

00:36 – I don’t know why, but I LOVE these 2 little seconds of video. The little simple hand gesture along with “You better work bitch” just gives me all kinds of life.

00:45 – 01:14 –  YASSS!!! CHOREO!!! The club scene is ok (i’m surprised at how jazzy it is) but the desert scene is FIRE! The white platform and floor work is EVERYTHING! I don’t yet know who did the choreo, but I’ll say now that little leg switch and ankle grab (00:55) as they roll over it super clever. I’m jeal. I see that bicycle move (01:03) so often that it’s lost it appeal for me, but it’s working somehow with the choreo and the context of the video. It also helps that I run on the treadmill to this so it’s my motivation when I run/spin/exercise.

01:30 – I’m proud of you Brit! Baby girl is hanging with these dancers! Whoever did this choreo was real smart because it’s at Britney’s level, but still complex enough to be entertaining.

Untitled01:41 – Ooh love that top and skirt! She’s murking these looks! Hair on point, styling right. You better work bitch!

01:47, 01:52, 01:59 – I can’t get over the fire and ferocity she’s got behind her eyes! It’s taking me back to old Britney. She’s smizing, looks commanding, connected, and dare I say – happy?!

02:04 – Good cinematography. Love her blue eye vanishing into the rubble. I’m catching some subliminal messaging here…the bondage, this whip theme, is Britney trying to come for other pop diva’s wigs???

02:30 – More choreo! I’m liking this older Britney for some reason. She looks more adult in this video, not like she trying to do the crazy stuff to keep up with the Miley’s and Gaga’s, but it seems like she cool with the spots she holds and she’s letting you know you she’s not about to let it go.

02:51 – Yep There it is. That just cemented my whole theory. Britney being surrounded by sharks? Yes. this is for the haters.

03:15 – Mmm…I don’t like this little “work” step. It’s too tame. I need folks to be shablamming and pulling shapes real quick.

03:24 – *Mouth agape* AHHH WHAAATTT???!!! Brit atop a pyramid with girls under it on leashes?! Allegory much?! Serve these lesser hoes girl! They will have to deal!!!

03:30 – Nice choreo combo here.

03:42 – Final glimpse. Loved it Brit Brit! I’m proud of you girl! This is one of her better videos – real clever, real slick, and really great! Like I said earlier, it’s an adult Britney. I don’t know if I could call this a reinvention, but she feels brand new. Not extra hungry , for she did that when she was young, but not nonchalant, because I feel like she still enjoys what she does. It’s that confidence that comes from being  established and comfortable with being yourself. As a big fan that’s been around through the ups and downs, it’s good to see Britney show this, we thought it would never return. I’ll always say this though: bald, sexy, or bitchy, Britney will ALWAYS be the shit! Now get to work BITCH!



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