10 things you don’t know about bryan o’shea…

top 10 collage

DANNNGGG y’all! I’ve been gone for a minute. I apologize, it’s been a busy season. New posts are coming though, as next week is spring break for me and I am vowing to write at least one post a day. Until then, I feel bad for neglecting you guys, so here’s a bit of something fun! Maybe you’ll learn something new about me? Flip the script to find out one of my biggest (& most embarrassing) guilty pleasures…

1. One of my guilty pleasures is anything Sanrio – related. I have an abounding love for EVERYTHING Hello Kitty or Chococat! If you can still love me despite my affinity for these pink-laced products designed for preteen girls, you have my heart! *^_^*

2. I count random things…like how many windows are in a house or how many stripes are on a shirt.

top 10 madonna3. Crazy, sane, sexy, bald, or barefoot, Britney Spears is the sh*t! This you already know – but you may not that Beyoncé inspires my work ethic, Madonna helps me believe anything is possible, and Utada Hikaru’s music feeds my soul.

4. I encounter the numbers 1234 (in that order) on something at least twice a day. Clocks, page numbers, my writing – is that a sign?

5. If I wasn’t a dancer, I think I would want to own a bakery and make and sell yummy cookies and cakes all day. It would be  a feat not to eat everything i make as I LOVE sweets, but the science and precision of baking is very rewarding! top 10 cupcakes

6. I’m a closet nerd – There is nothing I love more than learning! I was such a bookworm in elementary and middle school, that I set a still-unbroken record for the most books read in a six-week period (don’t ask me how many, I cannot remember at ALL). All that reading made me a spelling brainiac, and as a result, I competed in my state’s spelling bee and did so well, I was awarded my own day in my hometown (I do remember that though – MAY 23rd!)

top 10 touch7. I enjoy when people touch me as they’re talking to me –  Something as simple as touching my elbow when accenting a point makes me feel more connected to what a person says. I often do it to show appreciation or gratitude.

8. I like gaudy and extravagant, but prefer simple and clean. I can guarantee that anything ornate, sparkling, or decorative will catch my eye, but I genuinely prefer something clean and graphic to rest my eye upon.

9. My favorite body part: the pisiform bones (the little pea-shaped bones that protrude on the lateral side of the wrists)

10. My pet peeve are kids who don’t behave or are disrespectful. That is totally crazy for me since I teach so many children day after day, but thankfully they don’t step out of line too often and they certainly aren’t disrespectful. Like one of my best friends tells kids who give her attitude like they’re grown, “You may think your attitude is bad, but believe me, mine is worse.” Same rules apply with me – speak to me like you’re grown, and I’ll read you like you’re grown too.

How about a bonus one…

11. My favorite adjective is ethereal. It’s just so pretty.


Spring is here and it’s quickly getting warm – I hope everyone is enjoying it! I promise we’ll talk again soon, k? Tell me something interesting about you below!


2 thoughts on “10 things you don’t know about bryan o’shea…

    • it’s was totally fun to do! i usually don’t divulge this much about myself personally, but i just threw caution to the wind and put it up. hopefully no one will use my love of hello kitty against me! thanks for dropping by!


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