spotlight: 2014 MTV VMA’s a.k.a the #BeyMAs

beyonce video vanguard 2104(2)

I’m not surprised that it would take the power of Bey to get me back to blogging…but she did it so let’s jump in it!

Last night, the incomparable Beyoncé Knowles was presented the MTV Michael Jackson Video Vanguard award. The Video Vanguard Award, also known as the Lifetime Achievement Award, is given to musicians who have made a profound effect on the MTV culture. Beyoncé’s influence is one of the strongest in the music industry today. With sold out tours, record-breaking music debuts, and successful endeavors amounting in a multi-million dollar net worth,  Beyoncé is the reason, the blueprint, and the design!

Since I haven’t down a rundown in a hot minute, why not breakdown Bey’s 15-minute mini set of songs from her self-titled album that dropped like a thief in the night last December. You ask “Why?”, flip the page and let me show you.



Click the link (it’ll open in a new window) and follow the rundown with me!

00:05 – FACE. starting us off right.

00:40 – I always thought this was quite the nice picture for the motif of Mine. beyonce video vanguard 2014(3)

01:00 – HEART these pictures big time! Bey really surprised me with the styles of dance she brought in for a lot of her tour choreo. I love her appreciation for the dancing body and the opportunities she gives to spotlight it.

01:56 – Everytime she busts into choreo, I get my entire life. period.

02:07- Welcome to my world – SHE AIN’T NEVA LIED!

03:00 – 03:35 – Haunted. Here come this Dana Foglia choreo – the passion in this movement is commendable. I’m working on a currently obsessed with post for her, but until then just know that DFD is everything! Umm, and nice change-up with the word “foreplay” instead of what it originally was Bey…she slick…

04:00 – i always love that ratchet ass roll off.

05:10-05:20 – yes yes YES for this buildup and choreo! the Beyonce machine always knows what to give me…she’s is an ENTERTAINER!

05:30 – EYYYYY!!! MY JAMMMM!!! Another breakdown at 6:05 that I’m here for – and these Mrs. Carter girls don’t play!

06:35 – aww lawd, what? Glittery booties and legs?! Annnd in those pointe heels leftover from “Green Light”?! Folks ain’t gon like this, but hey, that’s what MTV is for. Best believe that I love it tho!

07:13 – Nice picture.

07:17 – 07:28 – ooooHHH weee! That’s some sexyyyy choreo – that’s some “behind closed doors” type of stuff right there!

08:53 – 10:25 – another reason she’s the ultimate entertainer – she can’t with backing and a capella, dance with a group or solo, this woman is just the end all be all!

10:50 – another strong picture. flawless.

beyonce video vanguard 2014(2)11:15 – Ratchet Bey is one of my favorites. She puts it down!

12:40 – Wouldn’t be Bey without some booty – how she move like that?

13:07 – Blue. Bring it on down, groove it out.

14:44 – 16:08 – XO. I feel like XO is the new “Halo”. She always tugs at my heartstrings with this song. It just has that musical swell that brings out that real emotion. That combined with a very real and emotional Bey, it always gets me.

This performance, every Beyonce performance really, just cements why she is so successful and respected. Regardless of how you feel about her music, her image, or her life, you must respect that she resonates with so many people. In a music industry that is struggling to redefine itself and sell like it once did in the past, she’s got many of her peers and contemporaries screaming and singing the lyrics like the rest of BeyHive. This woman is iconic – one of the greatest, up there with Michael and Whitney and Madonna and the rest of the performers so known and well-loved that you don’t need to know their last name, their first speaks volumes.

beyonce video vanguard 2014(1)

What did you think of her #BeyMA’s performance? Hot? or nah? Let me know in the comments below.



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