bit o’ background

Hello friends!

This is my personal blog devoted to my pursuits and adventures as a dancer and choreographer. Everything from my personal reflections on living this dance life to my inspirations and my current projects, it will all be covered here at fortir.miror.artis! I’ll try to cover lots of stuff, but if I get a bit too one-tracked with my posts, deal with it. 🙂 What I plan on sharing with you is listed below:

currently obsessed with

New music releases, YouTube vids, pop culture — all will be subject to my passionate words about the situation. I tend to find a piece of music that’ll take over my whole existence and will play in my cerebral ipod for days. Maybe I’ll view a video that encompasses my viewpoints on an issue. When that happens, I’ll share it with you. It happens quite a bit, so be ready for it!

inspirations, beliefs, & philosophies

I have an expression that I use when I find something that inspires me immmensely — it will “make my heart smile.” It’ll make me want to get up and “dance it out” or fill me with such wonder and excitement that I’ll have a visceral reaction from witnessing it. Maybe I come across and issue that I want to speak on, or feel like verbalizing my attraction to my aesthetic. When that happens, I’ll share it with you. All in the hopes that maybe it will inspire you or give you a new viewpoint to consider!


If one of those mindsprings I mentioned above stick with me long enough to influence my style as a dancer or my process of artistic creation, I’ll spotlight it and share it with you. Helping provide more information on whatever the person/place/thing may be helps not only introduce them to others, but you’ll know where I’m coming from when you see those influences in my creations!

other stuff

If ever I share something that doesn’t fit into one of the categories above, it will be classified as other stuff. From time to time I may provide a download or two, maybe a promo image or video – this is where you’ll find it.

One last disclaimer: *takes feelings off of shoulder and places them on the table beside me* Everything I write here is my own opinion. I write this blog to share with others so that I may contribute to the cycle of artistic creation. If there is something here that isn’t your cup of tea, please take it with a grain of salt and do not take it personally. I am not the one to give scathing criticisms or attack someone personally, and I hope that those who read my blog are the same. Let’s keep it all light and easy-breezy and have a good time!



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