fortir miror what?!

I’m sure you’re asking yourself “what’s this fortir miror something-or-other?!” In a nutshell, it’s my name! Um, yeah, but my name is in English, not Latin, right? You can’t get to know me without knowing what I’m about!

When starting a blog and presenting my work, I needed a concept that defined me and gives you (the reader or client) an indication of my ethics as a person and a professional. It took me a bit of time to work it all out, but fortir.miror.artis. is the result of that brainstorm.

When I think about what I’d like my professional image to be, I think of who I’m marketing – myself. Bryan. O’Shea. Smith. That easy, eh?!  The latin etymology of my name is the base concept of what I’d like to project: Bryan = strength (fortir); O’Shea = admirable (miror); Smith = artist (artis). Given that my first and last name, though elegant, is quite plain, I decided to adopt my first and middle name as my choreographic signature – a stage name of sorts. I believe that my dancing and choreography is strong and bold, admirable in the fact that what I create is imaginative and original, and artistic by the very nature of the work. This reflects everything I’d like to encompass whether I am performing or creating – a “dancesmith” of sorts that creates strong, artistic statements and dances with the same concepts in mind.

I am not so daring as to say that I am a fully aware of all of my talents and that I have all of this figured out, but the morals explained above are the cornerstones that I can build upon as I grow and change artistically and personally. Please feel free to follow me and contribute to the development of an artistic voice that starts now as a whisper, but evolves into a roar.


4 thoughts on “fortir miror what?!

  1. Ayla Marie says:

    That roar will come soon, no doubt!
    I’m really looking forward to future posts. Those you have now are absolutely facinating and very well written. Keep it up

    ❤ Ayla


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