DANCE BREAK!!! Yanis Marshall & Brian Friedman, “Breathe On Me”


So I’m sure you all remember the last dance break I showcased, and how I mentioned my love for bevys of bad b*tches…but there’s one thing that matches sexy girls almost toe to toe – guys in heels! Up-and-coming French ingenue Yanis Marshall teamed up with seasoned veteran Brian Friedman to choreograph a fire-hot heels combination to one of my favorite Britney Spears song, “Breathe On Me.” Yanis’ claim to fame is his fun, feminine choreo which he usually performs in sky-high platform heels, while Brian has danced & choreographed for every big name in the book – Britney, Janet, Justin Bieber, EVERYBODY. Put them together and you get this little gem that might leave you clutching your pearls. I’m a big fan of both men’s choreo, and although I don’t feel the combo is either of their best work (check these out here and here), it’s definitely a KILLER.


spotlight: the top 10 dance-based music videos of 2013

top 10 collage22013 has been a different year for music, but the dependency on the music video has grown. Much like BeyoncĂ©’s recent example of concurrently releasing music videos alongside her newest album tracks, the music video remains one of the few ways an artist can guarantee a response to the release of a single. Though not as prevalent as in recent years, dance is still the keystone of lots of pop music’s visual rep. Many of this year’s releases focused on introspection, leading to a lot of midtempos and sonic experimentation with artists like Lorde, Ed Sheeran, and Imagine Dragons leading the way. Uptempos from Robin Thicke, Daft Punk, and Britney Spears kept us all moving, but it took me a while to compile a list of 10 worthy videos to present. I don’t know what to expect as we head into 2014 as I’m still reeling from the surprise release of BeyoncĂ©, but something tells me she’s started a trend we’ll see many other try to top. On to the countdown!

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repost: the evolution of my musical tastes

NOTE: To get myself back into the swing of posting, I’ve decided to revisit one or two of my older posts. This was first published on February 29, 2012 and was my 9th blog post ever, but I wanted to revisit it as it’s a good one that has some connections to my upcoming posts. I hope you enjoy this re-read and if you missed it the first time, it’s new to you! Enjoy friends!    -B

Three words. I. love. music. I love meandering across bridges, traversing choruses, pausing to rest at a verse, and really letting loose when the beat drops (seriously, I will knock a hoe out with the elbows I throw when the beat comes in!) But the funny thing is, I was never hardcore into music growing up. Let’s talk.

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spotlight: britney’s “work b**ch”

brit whip


Don’t act like you didn’t know this was coming- it told you to expect it! The other Queen B (you should know who the first one is by now) dropped a new visual for her latest single “Work B**ch” last night and she delivered beautifully! Hot outfits, awesome locations, great dancers – Brit Brit really outdid herself. The fire in her eyes has returned and she even killed a few eights of choreo which we haven’t seen her do in a minute! It was damn near flawless. Let’s jump right into the rundown.


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spotlight: #throwback britney & the pepsi generations


Yes friends, it’s been a while, a long while, but I’m here to share the love with you once again! It’s been a long summer, but I’m on the eve of getting back in the swing of thingsbrit pepsi gen and missed you, so now’s as good a time as ever to hit you with some new blog heat! I’m starting (almost) Fall 2013 off with one of my faves: look to your right and you will see the vision of beauty that is Miss Britney Spears.

She’s getting a throwback post today because earlier this week, for some random reason, I started humming this tune that was vaguely familiar. I couldn’t really put my finger on it other than the fact it was distinctly retro (it had a catchy 50s-type jingle feel to it) and I was super sure of the melody. After running around most of the day with whatever song it was on repeat in my brain, I took to my iTunes to help me out. The answer was not there. Let’s try YouTube. I tried looking up jazz standards (nope), movie musical hits (not there), and then a couple of Judy Garland songs (I know, I know…but not there either.) But I look to my Recommended videos and what to my searching eyes would appear this little gem…

(flip the page!!!)

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currently obsessed with: the evolution of my musical tastes

Hello friends!

So, looking back on a few past posts, I’m getting a bit too deep and philosophical, even for myself to bear, so here’s something lighthearted to break all of it up! It’s long, grab a drink and have a seat!

Three words. I. love. music. I love meandering across bridges, traversing choruses, pausing to rest at a verse, and really letting loose when the beat drops (seriously, I will knock a hoe out with the elbows I throw when the beat comes in!) But the funny thing is, I was never hardcore into music growing up. Let’s talk.

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