dance break!!! kyle hanagami choreography, “i don’t care”


Do I have your attention???
Good. now watch this.

As you know, I love me a bevy of bad b*tches werkin, so Kyle Hanagami’s¬†“I Don’t Care” choreo¬†demo is¬† the dance break for today!¬† Filled with 4 sexy ladies¬†dancing in the street regaling the fact that they don’t give a damn¬†about you so they burned your clothes to ashes and crashed their car and they don’t careeeeeeeee!!!! I just love the fun and frivolity of it all as well as Kyle’s dynamic, ultra-feminine choreo.¬†¬†Each dancer adds their own flair and life to the movement, filling the video with lots of replay value to see each girl’s style; not to mention the sizzling carwash¬†edit¬†smack in the center of the dancing!¬†Kyle Hanagami¬†is a choreographer of admiral repute who based out of LA and¬†recently started a YouTube series in late 2013 called “Making Moves”, which chronicles the everyday lives of Hanagami¬†and his friends who appear in most of his choreo¬†videos he creates. He’s amassed a following (me included) because of¬†his style and versatility. Check out “Making Moves” on Kyle’s YT page and peep his other demos there too!


dance break!!! jonte’ & sharaya j carnival performance

If you didn’t know it,¬†Jonte’ Moaning¬†is the reason, the blueprint, and the damn design!!!¬†I’m a longtime¬†admirer of his¬†choreography since his work with Beyonc√©, and his music is nothing to play with either. Check out¬†the rehearsal footage from his¬†recent Carnival Choreographer’s Ball performance featuring Missy Elliot proteg√© Sharaya J. Both of them are dancers that make music for dancers and the choreography shows! I believe that most of it is Jonte’s¬†choreo, but! If you were at all confused by¬†the aspirations that I mention in my former blog post, this should clear¬†things up. Jonte¬†is who I want to be when I grow up! Enjoy!

p.s. Keep an eye out for Miss Danielle Polanco (cross tank and red shorts), another phenomenal dancer who serves the kids in EVERY performance.

choreo journal #10: a personal challenge

me (far left) in Lorelei Chang's "Colors"

So….I’ve been finding myself in a bit of a transition lately. That’s a lie –¬†it hasn’t been lately, it’s been for a while now.¬†I absolutely love what I’m doing, but I’m wanting more. More opportunities to learn and develop professional skills with companies and dancers, more desire¬†to create and present larger projects, more chances to work with others to share ideas, movement, inspiration. Though I feel like I already¬†do a lot of this daily,¬†it’s¬†never to the extent that work is created or something tangible is left as a result. It’s always been my goal to have success in¬†the two most well-known¬†realms of the dance industry¬†– concert dance and commercial dance. They often juxtapose one another, but at the same time hold a lot of similar features.

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spotlight: #throwback britney & the pepsi generations


Yes friends, it’s been a while, a long while, but I’m here to share the love with you once again! It’s been a long summer, but I’m on the eve of getting back in the swing of thingsbrit pepsi gen¬†and missed you, so now’s as good a time as ever to hit you with some new blog heat! I’m starting (almost)¬†Fall 2013 off with one of my faves: look to your right and you will see the vision of beauty that is Miss Britney Spears.

She’s getting a throwback post today because earlier this week,¬†for some random reason, I started humming this tune that was vaguely familiar. I couldn’t¬†really put my finger on it other than the fact it was distinctly retro (it had a catchy¬†50s-type¬†jingle feel to it)¬†and I was super sure of the melody. After running around most of the day with¬†whatever¬†song it was¬†on repeat in my brain, I took to my iTunes to help me out. The answer was not there. Let’s try YouTube. I tried looking up jazz standards (nope), movie musical hits (not there), and then a couple of Judy Garland songs (I know, I know…but not there either.) But I look to my Recommended videos and what to my searching eyes would appear this little gem…

(flip the page!!!)

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spotlight: bobby newberry

If my memory serves me correctly, it was the late spring of 2009 and I was learning a street jazz piece at HTE Staffbobby newberry toxic love screen Retreat that would be taught that following summer to Ciara’s “I Proceed”. As we danced, the choreographer, who was a friend of mine, stopped to give us some style corrections and background on the dance. After she watched and critiqued, a fellow dancer asked a question in an attempt to relate to a style that was unfamiliar to most of us (me included). Her answer was along the lines of “Like, have you ever heard of waacking, mainstream vogue, stuff like that? That’s what I’m looking for.”

I have no idea why that moment stuck with me but I believe that it was the impetus that set me on the path to defining my own personal dance style and to discovering one of my favorite commercial choreographers ever. Enter Bobby Newberry.

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