dance break!!! kyle hanagami choreography, “i don’t care”


Do I have your attention???
Good. now watch this.

As you know, I love me a bevy of bad b*tches werkin, so Kyle Hanagami’s “I Don’t Care” choreo demo is  the dance break for today!  Filled with 4 sexy ladies dancing in the street regaling the fact that they don’t give a damn about you so they burned your clothes to ashes and crashed their car and they don’t careeeeeeeee!!!! I just love the fun and frivolity of it all as well as Kyle’s dynamic, ultra-feminine choreo.  Each dancer adds their own flair and life to the movement, filling the video with lots of replay value to see each girl’s style; not to mention the sizzling carwash edit smack in the center of the dancing! Kyle Hanagami is a choreographer of admiral repute who based out of LA and recently started a YouTube series in late 2013 called “Making Moves”, which chronicles the everyday lives of Hanagami and his friends who appear in most of his choreo videos he creates. He’s amassed a following (me included) because of his style and versatility. Check out “Making Moves” on Kyle’s YT page and peep his other demos there too!


Bryan O’Shea Choreography – Summer Series Teaser #2!!!

Hello friends! My summer with HTEDance is officially over! I can formally return back to my regularly scheduled life – which includes the blog, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and all the rest! A quick update on the summer series – as the name says, the original plan were for the videos to be released as part of a summer series in July, August, & September, but with all my time being called away to camps, I wasn’t able to roll the videos out like I wanted to. As a result, I’ll be starting to release the demos this month (hey, it’s still technically a summer series, summer isn’t over until September 21st!) From your votes on my Facebook page, the first début will be the Wonder Girls, “G.N.O”, dropping one week from today, August 22nd, at NOON!  Do not miss this fierce piece of choreography, you will not be disappointed!

Just to set your chops a’waterin’, here’s Summer Series teaser #2, edited by Marc Levine of Scene Interactive studios using footage from the choreo shoot back in May. You see me & my dancers, hear what I’m all about, as well as get a sneak peek at some of the choreography! Like, comment, subscribe, and let me know what you think!