10 things you don’t know about bryan o’shea…

top 10 collage

DANNNGGG y’all! I’ve been gone for a minute. I apologize, it’s been a busy season. New posts are coming though, as next week is spring break for me and I am vowing to write at least one post a day. Until then, I feel bad for neglecting you guys, so here’s a bit of something fun! Maybe you’ll learn something new about me? Flip the script to find out one of my biggest (& most embarrassing) guilty pleasures…

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the capital B – bow down!!!

capital B means I'm bout that life!!!

The new Beyonce buzz track has me too hype this morning!

Now she done told y’all – “the capital B means I’m ’bout dat life!” for me that means the dancelife! Just a little Monday fun for you to start the week off right! Have a great week everyone! New blog post coming soon!