choreo demo:, justin bieber, mindless behavior – power mashup (featuring hte dance staff)

camp dance grid

I was so excited last year when I was asked to choreograph HTE Dance’s annual Camp Dance, this year was no different. I’ve explained it before but I’m always super grateful to be asked to choreo something that will be showcased all summer. I again collaborated with my partner from last year’s dance, the lovely Carly Kingston, and with the help of other Senior Staff members, put our heads together to tackle this year’s performance.¬†Last summer we used Adam Lambert’s hit “Pop That Lock”, but this year we wanted something with power and passion – a song to motivate the masses. The first song that came to mind was #ThatPower by and Justin Bieber, but it debuted a week before our Staff Retreat and we KNEW it’d be everywhere in no time (and we were right). Thus started our quest to find a song to combine it with. We tried Rihanna, other songs, Britney, but nothing fit. Our VP threw “All Around the World” by¬†hip hop guy group Mindless Behavior. I won’t lie, I wasn’t feeling the song itself, it was a bit too teeny bopper for me, but at the VP’s insistence I went ahead,¬†imported it in Audacity,¬†added it some spinbacks, and extra song for a big end, and¬†mashed it up. What resulted was magic…

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choreo demo: adam lambert – pop that lock (featuring hte dance staff)

adam & i giving our our best smize

It’s been a minute since my last choreo¬†demo so I figured I’d treat you to something new (and a little different). As you know, I’m a Senior Instructor at HTE¬†Dance, a dance and leadership¬†camp company based in my home state of Texas. This past summer, fellow Senior Instructor Carly Kingston and I were asked¬†to choreograph the¬†annual Camp Dance, a dance performed by the Dance Staff during the opening and closing of each¬†camp and taught¬†to camp attendees. This past year’s song was Adam Lambert’s hit, “Pop That Lock”, an anthem about letting go of your limitations and¬†following your dreams. See the results after the jump…

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choreo journal #4 – it all went so fast!


Hello friends!

This particular post has gone through 3 separate iterations on its way to¬†being the words you see now. First, I was going to write about this great piece of choreo¬†that I was hoping I’d get to filmed. Then it turned into a chance to tell you about this great opportunity I’d possibly have to film said choreo. Finally, it’s a chronicle of getting said piece of choreo filmed and having my first choreography demo d√©but. Hear the story after the jump!

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