spotlight: 2014 MTV VMA’s a.k.a the #BeyMAs

beyonce video vanguard 2104(2)

I’m not surprised that it would take the power of Bey to get me back to blogging…but she did it so let’s jump in it!

Last night, the incomparable Beyonc√© Knowles was presented the MTV Michael Jackson Video Vanguard award.¬†The Video Vanguard Award, also known as the Lifetime Achievement Award, is given to musicians who have made a profound effect on the MTV culture. Beyonc√©’s influence is one of the strongest in the music industry today. With sold out tours, record-breaking music debuts, and successful endeavors amounting in a multi-million dollar net worth, ¬†Beyonc√© is the reason, the blueprint, and the design!

Since¬†I haven’t down a rundown in a hot minute, why not breakdown Bey’s 15-minute mini set of songs from her self-titled album that dropped like a thief in the night last December. You ask “Why?”, flip the page and let me show you.


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dance break!!! kyle hanagami choreography, “i don’t care”


Do I have your attention???
Good. now watch this.

As you know, I love me a bevy of bad b*tches werkin, so Kyle Hanagami’s¬†“I Don’t Care” choreo¬†demo is¬† the dance break for today!¬† Filled with 4 sexy ladies¬†dancing in the street regaling the fact that they don’t give a damn¬†about you so they burned your clothes to ashes and crashed their car and they don’t careeeeeeeee!!!! I just love the fun and frivolity of it all as well as Kyle’s dynamic, ultra-feminine choreo.¬†¬†Each dancer adds their own flair and life to the movement, filling the video with lots of replay value to see each girl’s style; not to mention the sizzling carwash¬†edit¬†smack in the center of the dancing!¬†Kyle Hanagami¬†is a choreographer of admiral repute who based out of LA and¬†recently started a YouTube series in late 2013 called “Making Moves”, which chronicles the everyday lives of Hanagami¬†and his friends who appear in most of his choreo¬†videos he creates. He’s amassed a following (me included) because of¬†his style and versatility. Check out “Making Moves” on Kyle’s YT page and peep his other demos there too!


dance break!!! enra, “primitive”

Today’s dance break feature is¬†Enra, a dance company based in Japan that fuses elements of technology, dance, and performance art. The result is a breathtaking¬†visual experience that captures your attention and imagination. A company of only 5 members of diverse training (one was the¬†Green Power Ranger!)¬†and led by Director/ Visual Artist Nobuyuki¬†Hanabusa, the Tokyo-based company dances in sync to a computer-generated projection of balls, spheres, lines, and curves racing across the screen, giving the illusion that their movement creates the effects. After a friend shared one of their pieces on Facebook, I was captured by the visuals, which¬†are¬†very similar to¬†how¬†my mind¬†interprets movement. Immediately¬†interested, I delved into researching¬†the company and their pieces, which range from fun (“Primitive”, below) and dramatic (“Beginning”) to serene (“Pleiades”) and epic (“Fuma-kai”). With music groups like Perfume and performers like Beyonc√©¬†taking advantage of¬†it, the advent of projection technology as well as its use in everyday culture is beginning to start the trend of much more multi-media specific performance pieces. It’ll be interesting to see who will be the next to innovate this technology into a¬†commonplace¬†performance media.

Check out Enra on the offical site here and learn more about their director and his works here.

choreo demo:, justin bieber, mindless behavior – power mashup (featuring hte dance staff)

camp dance grid

I was so excited last year when I was asked to choreograph HTE Dance’s annual Camp Dance, this year was no different. I’ve explained it before but I’m always super grateful to be asked to choreo something that will be showcased all summer. I again collaborated with my partner from last year’s dance, the lovely Carly Kingston, and with the help of other Senior Staff members, put our heads together to tackle this year’s performance.¬†Last summer we used Adam Lambert’s hit “Pop That Lock”, but this year we wanted something with power and passion – a song to motivate the masses. The first song that came to mind was #ThatPower by and Justin Bieber, but it debuted a week before our Staff Retreat and we KNEW it’d be everywhere in no time (and we were right). Thus started our quest to find a song to combine it with. We tried Rihanna, other songs, Britney, but nothing fit. Our VP threw “All Around the World” by¬†hip hop guy group Mindless Behavior. I won’t lie, I wasn’t feeling the song itself, it was a bit too teeny bopper for me, but at the VP’s insistence I went ahead,¬†imported it in Audacity,¬†added it some spinbacks, and extra song for a big end, and¬†mashed it up. What resulted was magic…

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dance break!!! jonte’ & sharaya j carnival performance

If you didn’t know it,¬†Jonte’ Moaning¬†is the reason, the blueprint, and the damn design!!!¬†I’m a longtime¬†admirer of his¬†choreography since his work with Beyonc√©, and his music is nothing to play with either. Check out¬†the rehearsal footage from his¬†recent Carnival Choreographer’s Ball performance featuring Missy Elliot proteg√© Sharaya J. Both of them are dancers that make music for dancers and the choreography shows! I believe that most of it is Jonte’s¬†choreo, but! If you were at all confused by¬†the aspirations that I mention in my former blog post, this should clear¬†things up. Jonte¬†is who I want to be when I grow up! Enjoy!

p.s. Keep an eye out for Miss Danielle Polanco (cross tank and red shorts), another phenomenal dancer who serves the kids in EVERY performance.

choreo journal #10: a personal challenge

me (far left) in Lorelei Chang's "Colors"

So….I’ve been finding myself in a bit of a transition lately. That’s a lie –¬†it hasn’t been lately, it’s been for a while now.¬†I absolutely love what I’m doing, but I’m wanting more. More opportunities to learn and develop professional skills with companies and dancers, more desire¬†to create and present larger projects, more chances to work with others to share ideas, movement, inspiration. Though I feel like I already¬†do a lot of this daily,¬†it’s¬†never to the extent that work is created or something tangible is left as a result. It’s always been my goal to have success in¬†the two most well-known¬†realms of the dance industry¬†– concert dance and commercial dance. They often juxtapose one another, but at the same time hold a lot of similar features.

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this is the one: my 2012-2013 dance year review in pictures

Bryan photo shoot 244 alt - square aviThis past year has been my busiest one yet! More performances than I can count along with numerous teaching gigs, residencies, and side projects have challenged me to use my time (and body) wisely. After the jump, I present to you a few highlights from this year – the shows, the fun, the photos – and hope you’ll continue to show your support. I love bringing you along for the ride!

with love, b

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