spotlight: i don’t drink pickle juice…

As silly as pop culture can sometimes be, it can leave us with bright little gems of philosophical greatness that last long past the artist that says them or the situational context it¬†is in. Today’s example is the Harajuku¬†Barbie herself, Miss Onika¬†Maraj¬†(aka Nicki Minaj).¬†Jump the jump and¬†peep Nicki talking about respect around the 28sec mark – the particular anecdote I’m spotlighting ends at 1:27.

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belief: work hard for that money. and honor. and respect.


So this is a tale about working hard…

I’ve danced¬†since 2001 and done¬†professional¬†choreography since about 2005. In every job I’ve held or experience that I’ve had relating to dance, I work my ass off at it and give it my all. It’s just a part of my¬†ethical makeup – if you want to be¬†taken seriously at what you do, you’ve got to approach it seriously and provide quality. That can sometimes mean going above and beyond what is usually expected. As I count it as something¬†immensely enjoyable, I’ve never really considered dancing or teaching real¬†work, nor the “oh-my-god-not-this-again”¬†feeling before approaching company¬†rehearsal or walking into a studio full of students.¬†Asking me to do something past what I normally would is never a problem, I often do it without being asked if it crosses my mind. All for the love and passion of satisfying my soul with developing my talents every day.

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