dance break!!! kyle hanagami choreography, “i don’t care”


Do I have your attention???
Good. now watch this.

As you know, I love me a bevy of bad b*tches werkin, so Kyle Hanagami’s¬†“I Don’t Care” choreo¬†demo is¬† the dance break for today!¬† Filled with 4 sexy ladies¬†dancing in the street regaling the fact that they don’t give a damn¬†about you so they burned your clothes to ashes and crashed their car and they don’t careeeeeeeee!!!! I just love the fun and frivolity of it all as well as Kyle’s dynamic, ultra-feminine choreo.¬†¬†Each dancer adds their own flair and life to the movement, filling the video with lots of replay value to see each girl’s style; not to mention the sizzling carwash¬†edit¬†smack in the center of the dancing!¬†Kyle Hanagami¬†is a choreographer of admiral repute who based out of LA and¬†recently started a YouTube series in late 2013 called “Making Moves”, which chronicles the everyday lives of Hanagami¬†and his friends who appear in most of his choreo¬†videos he creates. He’s amassed a following (me included) because of¬†his style and versatility. Check out “Making Moves” on Kyle’s YT page and peep his other demos there too!


choreo journal #4 – it all went so fast!


Hello friends!

This particular post has gone through 3 separate iterations on its way to¬†being the words you see now. First, I was going to write about this great piece of choreo¬†that I was hoping I’d get to filmed. Then it turned into a chance to tell you about this great opportunity I’d possibly have to film said choreo. Finally, it’s a chronicle of getting said piece of choreo filmed and having my first choreography demo d√©but. Hear the story after the jump!

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choreo journal #3 – a prayer to the gods


So I’m working on a new piece to a great new song which I may or may not share with you. First of all, you must understand why I may not share it with you. As dancers and choreographers, we get real protective or our stuff, especially when it’s¬†new. The song I’m using is from a UK artist who hasn’t yet blown up here in the US and I don’t want to be¬†the first to introduce him all over the place, hence everyone start using his music. Yes, it’s selfish. I know. Bite me.¬†I’m sure I’ll end up mentioning much more about him, but until then, hold out until I’m feeling generous enough to share.¬†I’ll drop some hints throughout the post, so let me know if you have an idea¬†of who it is.¬†Let’s just think of this as my prayer to the choreo gods; you’re just in the next confessional overhearing my plea. ūüôā

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