big thangs poppin’…2 OFFICIAL announcements!

So excuse the use of the outdated slang, but big thangs really are poppin’ around here! I’m excited to share them with you, so pop the top and go read up!

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spotlight: OW! my eyes hurt from the brightness…

Apparently SHINee’s BACK!!!

Since you probably don’t know, SHINee (pronounced like “shiny”) is a R&B boy band from Korea. Given that I have a big affinity for J-Pop & K-Pop music, I sometimes come across their music. I’m quite partial to a lot of the Korean girl group acts (Girls’ Generation, Miss A, Brown Eyed Girls), but never really check for the guy groups other than Big Bang. Well, SHINee just released a video for their new single “Sherlock” and I got knocked on my butt by the choreography! Like seriously! Watch the video and the dance demo after the jump.

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spotlight: 2012 super bowl halftime rundown

So the Super Bowl was last night. Who was I rooting for? Team Giants? Team Patriots? Nope — I could have cared less about who was playing. I was rooting for Team Madonna! I tuned in only for the Halftime show. I was excited. And I do mean EXCITED! I shirked responsibilities in order to tune in. That doesn’t usually happen, but my my was it worth it! Check out my rundown after the jump.

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currently obsessed with: dancespeak


For my first “currently obsessed with”, I had to just introduce it with something that we all do — speak. But of course, dancers do it differently. It’s special. In between our “5,6,7,8” and cues to “kick on ONE!”, we have a special language of grunts, vocals, and sound effects to get our point across. take a look at how crazy ass Laurieann Gibson explains it after the jump.

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