DANCE BREAK!!! Yanis Marshall & Brian Friedman, “Breathe On Me”


So I’m sure you all remember the last dance break I showcased, and how I mentioned my love for bevys of bad b*tches…but there’s one thing that matches sexy girls almost toe to toe – guys in heels! Up-and-coming French ingenue Yanis Marshall teamed up with seasoned veteran Brian Friedman to choreograph a fire-hot heels combination to one of my favorite Britney Spears song, “Breathe On Me.” Yanis’ claim to fame is his fun, feminine choreo which he usually performs in sky-high platform heels, while Brian has danced & choreographed for every big name in the book – Britney, Janet, Justin Bieber, EVERYBODY. Put them together and you get this little gem that might leave you clutching your pearls. I’m a big fan of both men’s choreo, and although I don’t feel the combo is either of their best work (check these out here and here), it’s definitely a KILLER.


dance break!!! kyle hanagami choreography, “i don’t care”


Do I have your attention???
Good. now watch this.

As you know, I love me a bevy of bad b*tches werkin, so Kyle Hanagami’s “I Don’t Care” choreo demo is  the dance break for today!  Filled with 4 sexy ladies dancing in the street regaling the fact that they don’t give a damn about you so they burned your clothes to ashes and crashed their car and they don’t careeeeeeeee!!!! I just love the fun and frivolity of it all as well as Kyle’s dynamic, ultra-feminine choreo.  Each dancer adds their own flair and life to the movement, filling the video with lots of replay value to see each girl’s style; not to mention the sizzling carwash edit smack in the center of the dancing! Kyle Hanagami is a choreographer of admiral repute who based out of LA and recently started a YouTube series in late 2013 called “Making Moves”, which chronicles the everyday lives of Hanagami and his friends who appear in most of his choreo videos he creates. He’s amassed a following (me included) because of his style and versatility. Check out “Making Moves” on Kyle’s YT page and peep his other demos there too!


dance break!!! enra, “primitive”

Today’s dance break feature is Enra, a dance company based in Japan that fuses elements of technology, dance, and performance art. The result is a breathtaking visual experience that captures your attention and imagination. A company of only 5 members of diverse training (one was the Green Power Ranger!) and led by Director/ Visual Artist Nobuyuki Hanabusa, the Tokyo-based company dances in sync to a computer-generated projection of balls, spheres, lines, and curves racing across the screen, giving the illusion that their movement creates the effects. After a friend shared one of their pieces on Facebook, I was captured by the visuals, which are very similar to how my mind interprets movement. Immediately interested, I delved into researching the company and their pieces, which range from fun (“Primitive”, below) and dramatic (“Beginning”) to serene (“Pleiades”) and epic (“Fuma-kai”). With music groups like Perfume and performers like Beyoncé taking advantage of it, the advent of projection technology as well as its use in everyday culture is beginning to start the trend of much more multi-media specific performance pieces. It’ll be interesting to see who will be the next to innovate this technology into a commonplace performance media.

Check out Enra on the offical site here and learn more about their director and his works here.

spotlight: the top 10 dance-based music videos of 2013

top 10 collage22013 has been a different year for music, but the dependency on the music video has grown. Much like Beyoncé’s recent example of concurrently releasing music videos alongside her newest album tracks, the music video remains one of the few ways an artist can guarantee a response to the release of a single. Though not as prevalent as in recent years, dance is still the keystone of lots of pop music’s visual rep. Many of this year’s releases focused on introspection, leading to a lot of midtempos and sonic experimentation with artists like Lorde, Ed Sheeran, and Imagine Dragons leading the way. Uptempos from Robin Thicke, Daft Punk, and Britney Spears kept us all moving, but it took me a while to compile a list of 10 worthy videos to present. I don’t know what to expect as we head into 2014 as I’m still reeling from the surprise release of Beyoncé, but something tells me she’s started a trend we’ll see many other try to top. On to the countdown!

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REPOST!!! spotlight: the top 10 dance-based music videos of 2012

Note: Before I announce this year’s top 10 list, I wanted to give you a chance to refresh your memory on last year’s bangers. Did Chris Brown ever find some new moves? Are asian artists still killing their American counterparts choreographically? Did any of the new Beyoncé videos make the list? Find out the answers to these pressing questions as well as the top 10 dance-based music videos of 2013 when this year’s post drops Friday, December 20th!!!

who made #1 dance video of 2012?

2012 has been such a great year for music (some of it at least) but most definitely for the music video. The concept of dance taking a front seat in the visual imagery of a song has trended upwards for the past few years and really come to the forefront in the past year. Everywhere you turn, artists are tossing in dance breaks, molding concepts around dance, and working with big name choreographers all in an attempt to stay at the top of their games and increase their reputation and image. As I see it, asian pop has set the bar in the choreography game this year. J-pop & K-pop artists are using movement to match the stories and concepts in their videos better than their American & UK counterparts. I’m really excited to see what the advent of 2013 will bring to the fusion of music & dance internationally. Until then, let’s do a quick reflection of what I think were the best dance-based music videos of 2012. Starting at number 10…

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dance break!!! jonte’ & sharaya j carnival performance

If you didn’t know it, Jonte’ Moaning is the reason, the blueprint, and the damn design!!! I’m a longtime admirer of his choreography since his work with Beyoncé, and his music is nothing to play with either. Check out the rehearsal footage from his recent Carnival Choreographer’s Ball performance featuring Missy Elliot protegé Sharaya J. Both of them are dancers that make music for dancers and the choreography shows! I believe that most of it is Jonte’s choreo, but! If you were at all confused by the aspirations that I mention in my former blog post, this should clear things up. Jonte is who I want to be when I grow up! Enjoy!

p.s. Keep an eye out for Miss Danielle Polanco (cross tank and red shorts), another phenomenal dancer who serves the kids in EVERY performance.

spotlight: britney’s “work b**ch”

brit whip


Don’t act like you didn’t know this was coming- it told you to expect it! The other Queen B (you should know who the first one is by now) dropped a new visual for her latest single “Work B**ch” last night and she delivered beautifully! Hot outfits, awesome locations, great dancers – Brit Brit really outdid herself. The fire in her eyes has returned and she even killed a few eights of choreo which we haven’t seen her do in a minute! It was damn near flawless. Let’s jump right into the rundown.


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